Minimum Wage Posters for Businesses

Minimum wage rates most often change based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index). Employers are required to abide by State, Federal & City minimum wage laws and display updated minimum wage posters that reflect the current minimum wage requirements and make employees aware of changes in the law.

How Updated Minimum Wage Laws Affect Poster Requirements:

  • All employers are legally required to post updated Minimum Wage Posters to keep employees updated, whether or not an employee is paid minimum wage
  • Failure to post updated labor law posters can result in costly fines & employee disputes
  • These posters must be posted in a common location in the office that all employees have frequent access to (breakroom, restroom, etc.)
  • Minimum Wages vary at the federal, state, & city level
    • Federal minimum wage posters are required for all businesses operating in the US
    • State minimum wage posters are required for all businesses that operate in that state
    • City minimum wage notices are only required for businesses that operate in the subject city

You can obtain printable updated minimum wage notices for free by the State & Federal Department of Labor websites.

Attention: Minimum Wage Posters are only one of several required postings under State, Federal & OSHA laws. Labor Law Posters are mandatory for all businesses with 1 or more employees.

Effective January 1st, 2020, Minimum Wage Laws were updated in 26 States. There were also additional changes across State, Federal & Local notices. All businesses in these states are required to update their labor law posters.

Our State, Federal & OSHA Labor Law Poster includes all notices in one comprehensive, professionally laminated poster, including minimum wage changes across state, federal & local areas. These posters meet mandatory labor law requirements for all businesses and protect employers from costly fines and are the most common choice for the vast majority of businesses.

all-in-one poster

  • Contains all mandatory required State, Federal & OSHA notices in one laminated 25" x 39" poster for $29.95
  • Includes State & Federal minimum wage notices
  • Updated for 2020 & attorney reviewed by our compliance specialists
  • Compliant for every small, medium or large business across all 50 states.
  • Available in both English & Spanish

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Businesses operating in specific cities are legally required to post a City Minimum Wage poster. We have compiled a list of cities that require an additional city minimum wage poster below. If your city is not listed, you do not need an additional city minimum wage poster.
Frequently Asked Questions
question Besides minimum wage, what other notices must be posted?
answer Businesses must display the state and federal employment law notices in addition to the 2020 Federal Minimum Wage Poster. These notices include state and federal employment laws. Our labor law posters have the 2020 Federal Minimum Wage Poster as well as state and federal employment laws all on one.
question What is a labor law poster from LaborLawCenter™?
answer Our labor law posters contain all required state and federal employment law notices on one, easy to read poster. With our all-on-one poster, businesses meet their compliance requirements – including the 2020 Federal Minimum Wage posting requirement.
question What if I am not satisfied?
answer All labor law posters from LaborLawCenter™ come with our 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee–including a guarantee that your poster is compliant with local, state and federal law. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase within 365 days of receipt, you can return or exchange it.
all-in-one poster

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