Labor Law Poster with Automatic Updates


Labor Law Automatic Poster Replacement Service

Our easiest option. Automate your posters and never worry about compliance updates again.

Get new posters delivered to your business every time there’s a state, federal or city update with no extra work on you. Managing compliance posters is time-consuming and we all know time is money. We’ve got your back, guaranteeing your business stays compliant and you stay stress-free.

How It Works

  • Sign up and you'll receive a 2024 Complete State and Federal Labor Law Poster once the update is released from the Department of Labor.
  • When there’s mandatory change that affects your business, an updated poster is sent to your doorstep before the required postdate.
  • As laws change for the next 12 months, you’ll continue to get new posters at no extra charge and with FREE SHIPPING.
    Note: There have been over 30 mandatory state updates already for 2024! Including the new mandatory April 2023 FLSA (PUMP Act) and June 2023 EEOC (Pregnant Workers Fairness Act) federal updates.
  • Receive a complimentary Free Digital PDF poster for remote employees! Access in your online portal.
  • Have complete transparency and oversight through our compliance portal—your personal go-to space to manage and track all of your compliance posters (at all of your locations) from your desk or on the go.
  • Not only do you get the most-up-to-date posters, we also guarantee your compliance. If you get a posting violation fee, we cover the fine up to $25,000.

    But rest easy—we’ve had 0 posting violations in over 21 years in business.
  • Every year, labor law posters are updated based on legislative changes across State and Federal levels. 2024 has issued mandatory labor law compliance updates across 30 individual states and dozens more at the city level already. At the federal level, there are also the new mandatory April 2023 FLSA and June 2023 EEOC updates that apply to all states.
  • While many states update at the end of the year, labor law changes can occur throughout the year, with some states issuing mandatory updates 2-3x a year.
  • At the LaborLawCenter®, we monitor every single labor law change for you, so it’s easy for your business to stay in compliance.

Our Automatic Poster Replacement Service is Perfect For:

  • The Small Business Owner

    As small business owners, you have to juggle all parts of owning a company and often find there’s not enough time in the day to do it all. Plus, non-compliant posters can have fines up to $17,000. Get new, updated posters and stay compliant without having to keep up with the stress of monitoring updates.

  • The HR Coordinator

    Labor law poster updates can be frequent and hard to decipher. Stay in-the-know with email notifications every time there’s a change and automatic shipping to all your affected locations. Check this box off so you can focus your time on other pressing matters.

  • The Multi-National Corporation

    Managing workplace poster compliance for multiple locations in multiple states has never been easier. Have total oversight in your compliance portal and peace of mind knowing that when there’s an update, new posters are on their way! If you’d like to get started on a more complex custom order, check out our enterprise solutions page to connect with one of our Compliance Specialists!

Here’s What a Few People Have to Say:

  • Now when there are changes I get the notification sent directly to me. I don’t have to go and hunt down the information elsewhere - or forget to get it posted. This is truly a lifesaver. Thank you!

    ~Krista, Wausau, WIHospitals
  • I like the service because it keeps our company compliant without any worry. I get what I need when it’s needed.

    ~Fran, West Bridgewater, MAManufacturing Services

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