Remote Workers - Digital Labor Law Posters

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Digital Labor Law Poster Solutions
for the Modern Workplace

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Flexible Solutions for Remote Employees

With the option of remote work and work-from-home, our e-Compliance Digital Poster Service helps ensure employees receive mandatory labor law poster notices to stay informed. This keeps businesses compliant with changing state and federal laws.

Stop worrying about constantly researching new laws and mandatory poster changes on your own. We’ll automatically send new poster updates when they happen.


About Your e-Compliance Subscription

With our e-Compliance service you’ll get a digital file (PDF format) with unlimited downloads available. They are fully compliant with State, Federal, and OSHA laws. All digital files meet compliance requirements and are sized to print according to each jurisdiction's regulations.

We’ll email you every time an update is released for your state, and a new poster will be available to download in your account. You get expert monitoring, and we guarantee compliance -- if you're fined during your active subscription with us, we'll pay up to $25,000 to cover the charges. And you can renew every year for just $24.95 per year, per state.

What you’ll get:

  • All mandatory state, federal, and OSHA labor law posters you’ll need to stay compliant (including Minimum Wage Poster, Workers’ Compensation Poster, and more)
  • A compliance subscription for 12 months. When there’s a mandatory update, we will notify you and the updated poster will be added to your account
  • All for $24.95 per year, per state

How you can use your PDF files:

  • Email to an unlimited number of employees
  • Upload on your company intranet
  • Include in new hire on-boarding packages
  • Print for binder use in a satellite office or kiosk

Need Laminated Posters Instead?

We have a physical poster replacement program that initially ships the most up-to-date poster -- and when a mandatory update occurs, we will ship the required posters to your site. It is a great worry-free hands-off approach towards compliance!

Get Laminated Posters

About Labor Law Center

For over 20 years, thousands of businesses have used Labor Law Center to stay compliant with state, federal, and OSHA labor law posters. We serve thousands of businesses across the country -- from Mom-and-Pop stores to major conglomerates like Target, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Google, Home Depot, CitiBank, Barnes & Noble and many more.

Regardless of your company size or needs, you’ll have direct contact with our team and can count on a quick response time. We’re proud of the personal connections we have with our customers.

Our compliance record speaks for itself. With over two decades in business -- and thousands of clients -- we’ve had zero issues with our posters to date. Our hard-working compliance team works directly with your state to make sure everything is compliant and current. While we offer guaranteed compliance for all our customers (up to $25,000 per year), we’ve not had a single labor law poster violation to date.

You can count on us to help make your business life easier.

  • guarantee
    Guaranteed Compliance

    Get and stay compliant for a great price. With nearly 20 years in business, we've never incurred a single labor law poster violation.

  • flexible
    Flexible Options

    Purchase individual, laminated posters as needed or subscribe to our AutoUpdate service. We’re here to make obeying the law easy for you.

  • support
    Amazing Support

    We offer guaranteed compliance for all our customers up to $25,000 per year, & our extensively-trained customer support team can help with any question or complex orders.

Common Questions

  • "Your labor law posters are exceptional. I never have to worry that something is missing"

    ~ Mary-Lee, East Syracuse, NY Accounting
  • "The notifications of legal changes that require poster updates are incredibly helpful!"

    ~ Jennifer Bellevue, WA Insurance
  • "I think you are the only ones that have the Labor Law posters all in one and that is what we are looking for .Thank you!"

    ~ Michele, CA HR