Minneapolis Labor Law Poster


All businesses with employees in Minneapolis, MN are legally required to post this city mandated poster in addition to Minnesota State & Federal Labor Law Posters. This poster meets requirements & protects businesses from posting fines & employee disputes.

Poster Contains:

  • Sick and Safe Time
  • Poster Size: 11 x 17
  • Front and back sides are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color

Attention: This poster is to be posted in addition to the Minneapolis State & Federal Labor Law Posters. If you do not have an updated Minneapolis State & Federal Poster, please select the City + Minneapolis State & Federal Poster bundle to be in full compliance.

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Questions? Call a compliance specialist at 800-745-9970

It is a requirement that companies located in Minneapolis, Minnesota post the City of Minneapolis Notice to Employees.  This poster contains information regarding minimum wage scheduled increases as well as information about sick and safe time.

The information regarding minimum wage for companies that have 100 or fewer employees and companies that have more than 100 employees is separated on this poster. The stated wages start in January 1, 2018 with an increase on July 1, 2018.  After that, the information includes yearly increases as of each July 1st, with the potential final increase on July 1, 2024.

The Sick and Safe Time portion of the poster details which employees, based on hours worked, are eligible for safe and sick time and how that time is accrued.  In addition, safe and sick time is broken down into illness, injury, medical rest, recuperation and appointment for sick time and time off for an appointment to address domestic violence or sexual assault is categorized under safe time.  The poster also contains information about how to report violations regarding these laws.

The City of Minneapolis Notice to Employees must be placed in a visible location so all employees have access to this information. A company that fails to do this may face legal fines and fees as a result.

In addition, Labor Law Center carries the Minnesota Labor Law Poster, which is a complete poster covering federal and state laws. This poster satisfies legal labor law poster requirements for the state of Minnesota. 

Minneapolis State Mandatory Updates

Minneapolis State Non-Mandatory Updates

Federal State Mandatory Updates

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