Tucson Labor Law Poster


All businesses with employees in Tucson, AZ are legally required to post this city mandated poster in addition to Arizona State & Federal Labor Law Posters. This poster meets requirements & protects businesses from posting fines & employee disputes.

Poster Contains:

  • Notice of Non-Discrimination
  • Poster Size: 11 x 17
  • Bilingual: English & Spanish
  • Front and back sides are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color

Attention: This poster is to be posted in addition to the Arizona State & Federal Labor Law Posters. If you do not have an updated Arizona State & Federal Poster, please select the City + Arizona State & Federal Poster bundle to be in full compliance.

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Questions? Call a compliance specialist at 800-745-9970

If your company resides in the city of Tucson, Arizona then you legally must post the Tucson City Notice of Non-Discrimination poster. The poster describes how under the City of Tucson Code, Chapter 17, it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, ancestry, religion, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status and familial status.

The details on the Tucson City Notice Non-Discrimination poster include not only the specific entities that are covered such as employers, housing providers and places of public accommodation, but also entities that are excluded such as most private clubs and non-profit religious organizations. In addition, information is provided about the complaint process if an individual needs to pursue that route.

It is critical, if your organization is located in Tucson, Arizona that you purchase this notice and post it in a conspicuous location for all your employees to see. Failure to do this may result in legal fines and or citations. But through the purchase of this poster, you can easily avoid these potential issues.

Also, the Arizona Labor Law Poster is available if you don’t already have it. The Arizona Labor Law Poster covers state and federal labor laws in a complete poster which satisfies all legal labor law poster requirements for the state of Arizona.


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