St. Petersburg Labor Law Poster


All businesses with employees in St. Petersburg, FL are legally required to post this city mandated poster in addition to Florida State & Federal Labor Law Posters. This poster meets requirements & protects businesses from posting fines & employee disputes.

Poster Contains:

  • Poster Size: 11 x 17
  • Front and back sides are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color

Attention: This poster is to be posted in addition to the Florida State & Federal Labor Law Posters. If you do not have an updated Florida State & Federal Poster, please select the City + Florida State & Federal Poster bundle to be in full compliance.

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If you have a company located in St. Petersburg then the St. Petersburg Wage Theft Prevention Poster is for you.  

The poster covers actions employees can take if they find themselves the victim of bounced checks, loss of overtime, unpaid wages, and/or illegal tip practices.

The poster is broken down into three sections – qualify, protections, and complaint process.

The qualify section details location and amount owed stipulations along with timing of the violation itself.  The protections section details what related wage areas are protected under the law.  And the complaint section is broken down into the complaint process itself and related requirements, along with what happens after the complaint is filed.

By purchasing the St. Petersburg Wage Theft Prevention Poster you are letting your employees know their rights, along with making it clear that, as their employer, that you understand your responsibilities.

In addition to the St. Petersburg Wage Theft Prevention Poster, Labor Law Center offers additional Florida posters including the Complete Florida Labor Law Poster which contains all State, Federal, and OSHA mandatory poster ensuring legal compliance. If your company is only in need of state postings, there is a Florida State Labor Law Poster that will fulfill this requirement.