Washington Updates Domestic Violence and Unemployment Benefits Posters

The Washington Employment Security Department (ESD) recently released two very important workplace notices which all employers must post in the workplace. The Washington Domestic Violence Resources notice is aimed at raising awareness of the resources available to individuals who have suffered abuse.  The Unemployment Benefits Insurance notice is designed to ensure that workers’ know their rights if they lose their job.

The Domestic Violence Resources Notice

The Washington legislature passed a new law requiring employers to make information about domestic violence available to all employees. The law, House Bill 1533, provided for the creation of a poster identifying resources for people who need help.  The legislature took action because research shows that for many victims, the workplace is one of the few places where they feel safe. Washington’s ultimate goal is to help people get the help they need.

The Domestic Violence Resources notice defines “domestic abuse” and gives examples of abusive behavior. It includes the telephone number and website for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Other resources include the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which connects people experiencing abuse with programs in their local area.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Notice

The Washington Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI) notice has also been expanded by the state. The poster now includes additional resources for unemployed workers. For example, the ESD now provides support for unemployed individuals five days a week.

The poster also tell employees how to download the Handbook for Unemployed Workers. This Handbook explains everything an unemployed person needs to know about applying for unemployment benefits, calculating benefit payments, and complying with state reporting requirements.

The Unemployment Insurance Benefits Notice also makes people aware of resources for service members, advises employees that the best way to apply for benefits is online, and notifies people injured on the job that they may be eligible for Temporary Total Disability (TDD).

Notice Date: 9/2019
Suggested Post Date: ASAP

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