About Us

LaborLawCenter exists to help your business stay compliant with the many posting regulations required by the U.S. Department of Labor. These mandatory postings help inform your workers and keep them safe. Our online store brings you the most comprehensive and up-to-date compliance posters available that are backed by our compliance guarantee.

Every big company starts with humble beginnings. Some of the biggest companies in the world were once tiny garage start ups; Apple, Mattel, Amazon, to name a few. Like these companies that began with an idea, a product and a small shop, we too launched our business with just the beginnings of an idea. And, just like these companies, our customer service, product and industry expertise catapulted us from small shop to a large ecommerce hub servicing all 50 states and territories and servicing hundreds of thousands of customers we keep compliant every year.

About LaborLawCenter

Fast-forward 20 plus years… ...and, as you are reading this, we are shipping thousands of products all over the country. We chat with hundreds of brilliant business owners every day about their compliance needs. Every day, we deliver the highest-quality products, the best advice, and the best experience we can.

All this became possible because customers like you put their trust into our company. Our humble roots remind us that in the beginning, every order seemed precious, and every customer was the center of our universe. Now we have a 40,000-square-foot building, servicing a virtual compliance store shipping hundreds of posters daily. Our size and reach have changed - but not our attitude, customer service and our commitment to compliance still drives every single business decision we make and every customer we help.


Our Mission

To create better, safer, and healthier workplaces through reliable labor law compliance products and services.

Our Vision

To improve workplaces through meaningful labor law compliance solutions.

That’s why we call ourselves your "PARTNER"

LaborLawCenter is your PARTNER in Workforce Compliance.

PARTNER: The LaborLawCenter team is responsible for actively solving problems, answering questions, and helping resolve issues in a professional and timely manner.