Minimum Wage Updates for 2017

moneyWhereas minimum wage increment is a debate that continues to dominate political and economic discussions with a ceaselessly growing number of both opponents and proponents across the U.S, the same has experienced some steady progress in a number of states, and one of those is Florida.


Minimum Wage Update in States

The other states with 2017 minimum wage updates or rather new minimum wage posters include New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, California, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and Maine. Every state has their own minimum wage by state. You will need to find out the new minimum pay rates you should already be paying your workers per hour

Federal Contractors All Updated Min. Wage ($10.00). New sick leave requirements also added in the poster. Jan. 1. 2017
Minimum Wage Florida Minimum Wage raised by $0.05 to $8.10. Jan. 1. 2017
Minimum Wage New York New legislation requirements added raising minimum wages differently across the state. Jan. 1. 2017
Minimum Wage Vermont New poster with new min. wage rate @$10.00. Jan. 1. 2017
Wage & Hour Law Massachusetts New min. pay rate ($11.00) for workers on the poster. Additional requirements on deductions, discrimination and domestic employees’ rights. ASAP
Minimum Wage California New min. wage @$10.50 for workers with 26 employees and those with 25 or less @$10.00. Jan. 1. 2017
Minimum Wage Alaska Revised edition of Alaska Statute 23.10.65 – 23.10.150 with new state min. wage @$9.80. Jan. 1. 2017
Minimum Wage Arizona New in the poster under the Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act is the $10.00 new pay. Jan. 1. 2017
Minimum Wage Colorado Updated minimum wages for tipped workers @$9.30 and @$6.28 for non-tipped workers.

Also in the update are expected rates till 2020.

Jan. 1. 2017
Minimum Wage Maine The updated minimum hourly pay rate @$9.00. Jan. 7. 2017

minimum wage by state

The other 2017 minimum wage update you may need to look at is the Federal Contractors’ Edition poster. It’s been effective since January 1. It affects all federal contractors working in all the states. The new rate is $10.2. In the updated federal contractors’ poster are new sick leave law requirements.

One thing to note is that the updates affect the relevant labor law posters, which means you need to ensure that as an employer or HR professional you have the right one displayed on your walls.

The updates also bear fines and or penalties upon infraction of the various provisions of the labor laws, including the requirement to post the operational minimum wage and other posters in your state. This leaves you and us with the need to look for information and relevant updated posters.

The Labor Law Center offers a worry-free service to our customers through our Poster Service Plan with automatic replacements. What this means is that we monitor the state and federal postings and automatically send you updates when they are released. It is that simple!

We also offer our clients our newly updated Education Center. If you are new to labor law compliance or just wanting to keep up with the latest news and changes as they come out, this is the place to bookmark and visit regularly.

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