5 Important Tips to Know Before Buying Labor Law Posters


Every company, no matter size or industry, has the obligation to comply with certain labor laws; and many of those laws require employers to post notices in their workplace.  Before buying labor law posters, there are a few things that companies should know:

Does the labor law poster company provide a guarantee, and are they easily accessible in the event of questions concerning the posters?

It is a significant issue to select a labor law compliance poster company that will fit a company’s needs.  Most companies want to choose a reputable provider who will stand behind their service and ensure that what the company provides is complete and up-to-date.  If the information a compliance company provides is not guaranteed, beware, as the company is liable for any fines or penalties.  Reputable compliance companies guarantee their service with an assurance to pick up fines in the event the poster is non-compliant.  Often accompanying this guarantee is the stipulation that a company be part of an annual update program.  Compliance companies should also make it easy for customers to contact them with questions, as posting requirements can sometimes be quite confusing.  Be cautious if the website has no means to contact the company.

Does the company provide updates upon request or automatically upon release?

Clients are usually given an option when purchasing posters as to whether they want a one-time purchase or a plan (typically for a one year period) that ensures updates will be sent automatically.  If posters are purchased on a one-time basis, then updates will only be sent upon the client’s request.  If an annual plan is purchased, new posters/updates will be sent automatically whenever changes occur.  Of course, when purchasing an “upon request” poster, then the responsibility of monitoring for updates rests with the company and not the poster company.

 Are there regulations about what a poster must look like?

Posters must often fit very strict compliance requirements.  There are some posters which must be displayed next to another specific poster.  Most posters must appear within a certain size range, ensuring that the posters easily catch the attention of employees and are easy to read.  Some states have different posting requirements and sizes.  Sometimes it can be as simple as not having the right poster in the right size that makes a company non-compliant.

Are there language requirements when displaying labor compliance posters?

Many posters have language requirements, meaning that posters need to be provided in  English but also Spanish or other languages for non-native English speaking workers.  Because Spanish is a strong second language in the United States, many posters have Spanish posting requirements.  When language requirements are in place, the state and federal DOLs provide the posters in the designated languages.  Compliance companies have the posters in the required languages and will automatically provide mandatory language posters and provide other DOL provided language posters upon request of the client.

What is the most important advice for a company purchasing labor compliance posters? 

There are two critical pieces of information.  First is that purchasing compliance posters is not a one-time-thing.  Posters are typically updated at least annually but more-and-more throughout the year as well.  At any point, failure to keep up with a posting can result in fines or penalties.  The other important piece of information in selecting a labor law compliance company is to ensure that the company has a strong reputation in the industry.  Compliance has financial and other business implications, so ensuring that a company can be trusted, is reputable and stands behind their service with a guarantee is important.

The LaborLawCenter™ is a premier labor law compliance company that has been in business for over 15 years and currently has shipped over 1 million labor law posters nationwide.  We are not just a poster provider, we partner with clients to ensure that they have everything required to be fully compliant with labor law postings.  We can be contacted by telephone at 800-745-9970 or via email at [email protected] with any questions concerning compliance postings.  Posters are provided in both English and Spanish and can be purchased on-demand or through an annual plan that provides automatic updates.  The company’s all-in-one labor law poster, the Complete Labor Law Poster provides businesses with the most up-to-date posters with a guarantee to pick up fines for non-compliance should you choose to enroll in our replacement program, The Compliance Protection Plan.  Visit our website for more information at https://www.laborlawcenter.com .


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