2020: New Workplace Laws in Effect for California

State Update Overview

Date Updated January 2020
Labor Law Update The California Labor Law Poster is updated with new revisions addressing workplace discrimination and harassment protection.
What Changed 3 poster updates which protects against race discrimination, sexual harassment, transgender discrimination, and furthermore supports better familial accommodations in the workplace.
Mandatory or Non-Mandatory Mandatory
Updated Poster California Labor Law Poster

2020 Employee Protections in the Workplace

Effective January 1st, 2020, California’s largest civil rights agency, The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), has made several changes to core laws that protect workplace rights, addressing race discrimination, sexual harassment,  transgender discrimination, and family leave.

Hairstyles Protected from Race Discrimination

The California Law Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment Poster extends further protection under The Crown (Creating a Respectful and Open Workplace) Act against race discrimination, which is not limited to a person’s natural hair texture or hair style. These hairstyles include braids, locks, and twists. 

Sexual Harassment Training

Businesses with five or more employees will also be required to provide harassment training to its employees regarding the prevention of sexual harassment, including harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. 

Should there be an incident of harassment, complaints must be filed within 3 years of the incident date. Furthermore, should the individual be under age 18, complaints must be filed no later than 1 year after his or her 18th birthday or within 3 years after the incident date, whichever is later.

Transgender Rights & Support

Gender identity and gender expression are protected characteristics under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. That means that employers may not discriminate against someone because they identify as transgender or gender non-conforming. The Transgender Rights in the Workplace Poster now clarifies terms such as “social transition” and “physical transition” and states that a person does not need to complete any particular step in a gender transition in order to be protected by the law.  

Pregnancy Leave, Family Care, & Medical Leave

Finally, the Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Poster further clarifies its mission statement to support an individual’s right to pregnancy leave, family care, and medical leave. The poster also provides an updated means of filing complaints or addressing questions. For more information, visit https://www.dfeh.ca.gov/.

What needs to be updated?

The DFEH is taking strides to make sure that California workers’ rights are well communicated and understood with new redesigns and clarifications. All businesses within the State of California are required to display the following new posters:

  • The California Law Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment Poster
  • The Transgender Rights in the Workplace Poster
  • The Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Poster

These changes have been reflected in our California & Federal Labor Law Poster and does need an immediate update. Failure to meet compliance and display the updated poster could result in fines.

Order the California Labor Law Poster to immediately include this required update.

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