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The chart below displays a summary of all mandatory e-Alerts (State and Federal labor law updates) sent since July 1, 2019.

If an e-Alert is listed below for your state, you are required to print and post the notification to remain compliant (plus any Federal updates listed).

Any updates after your e-Compliance™ membership start date will need to be posted to remain compliant.

*If your state is not listed below, then your poster is up-to-date at this time and there is no need to update.

Simply click on the poster name that you wish to download below and a new window will open with the PDF update.

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Mandatory e-Alerts Sent from July 1, 2019 to Present Day

State Poster Content Change Date Sent
WA Domestic Violence Resources New added poster for washington. 9/11/2019
NH Discrimination Updated with a new layout and revised new phone number and website. 9/11/2019
VA VOSH - Occupational Safety and Health Updated with new penalty amounts for safety violations. 8/28/2019
MO Workers' Compensation Updated with new wording on the steps to take when injured at work and other minor clarifications of language. 8/20/2019
AR Minimum Wage Updated to rename the Department of Labor to the Department of Labor and Licensing with the Director role being replaced by a new Secretary role. 8/14/2019
IN IOSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Updated with a new section pertaining to worker fatalities and the fined associated with each violation that leads to a fatality. 7/30/2019
GA Workes' Compensation Bill of Rights Updated with new benefit dollar amounts and a new revision date. 7/11/2019
NV Discrimination New notice with information about discrimination and what constitutes discrimination in Nevada. 7/11/2019
NV Minimum Wage New notice with the current and several future minimum wages. 7/11/2019
NV Paid Leave New notice detailing employees rights when it comes to notifying their employer of an injury or illness. 7/11/2019
NV Rules to be Observed Revised with new information on posting requirements, paid sick leave and effective dates. 7/11/2019
NV Sick Leave New notice detailing employees rights when it comes to notifying their employer of an injury or illness. 7/11/2019
MD Minimum Wage Revised with the new 2020 minimum wage of $11.00 per hour as well as an adjustment of overtime exemptions and a new revision date. 7/2/2019