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Delaware & Federal Labor Law Posters

The laminated 25" x 39" all-in-one poster has the most recent 2016 state and federal labor law postings that meet business requirements to protect employers from posting fines and employee disputes.

Delaware State Compliant, Federal Law Compliant, and OSHA Compliant

  • Delaware State Labor Law Postings Included
  • Federal Minimum Wage Included
  • Equal Employment Opportunity/EEOC/GINA Included
  • Family and Medical Leave Act/FMLA Included
  • USERRA Included
  • Polygraph Protection Act poster Included
  • OSHA poster Included

By purchasing and posting this Delaware Complete State and Federal Labor Law Poster you will meet the compliance requirement required by law that any business must comply with.

Add on our Replacement Poster Program, the Compliance Protection Plan™, with an unlimited posting violation guarantee for an additional $33.04. Take care of your compliance for the rest of the year with the Compliance Protection Plan™ and new posters for mandatory labor law posting changes will be shipped automatically to your site.


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About Delaware Labor Law Poster

If you want to be in legal compliance as far as which labor law posters need to be displayed at your business, your solution is the the Delaware State and Federal Complete Poster by LaborLawCenter™. Instead of purchasing multiple posters all you need to do is place this all-in-one state and federal labor law poster in a conspicuous location in order to satisfy your employment workplace posting requirement.

Your business can face citations and legal consequences if you do not hang the correct labor law posters at your firm.  For example, if you fail to post the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and are required to do so, a "civil money penalty by the Wage and Hour Division" under the US Department of Labor (DOL) can be imposed.

By choosing the Delaware State and Federal Complete Labor Law Poster you will fulfill your company's state and federal workplace posting requirement with just one poster. And this Delaware Labor Law Poster includes both the Federal Minimum Wage Poster and also the current Delaware State Minimum Wage Poster.

The Delaware Complete and Federal Poster Includes:

Delaware State Posting Requirements:Federal Posting Requirements:
  • Minimum Wage
  • Child Labor
  • Breaks
  • Discrimination Notice
  • Unemployment Poster
  • Payment of Wages
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Family and Medical Leave Act – Includes Recent Revision
  • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law – includes GINA
  • Federal Minimum Wage 2009
  • USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  • OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • IRS Withholding Notice
  • Anti-Discrimination Notice
  • Payday Notice
The OSHA poster is included on the Delaware Complete Labor Law Poster. When you order the Delaware Complete Labor Law Poster, it will satisfy your State, Federal, and OSHA posting requirements with one poster.

OSHA Poster

Delaware State Mandatory Updates

  • 11/2014 - Discrimination Notice Poster - Updated to include new pregnancy accommodation laws, effective 1/1/2015.
  • 05/2014 - Minimum Wage Poster -  Updated to reflect new 2014 minimum wage rate of $7.75 per hour, effective 06-01-14 and new 2015 minimum wage rate of $8.25 per hour effective 06-01-15.

Federal State Mandatory Updates

  • 02/2013 - Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Amendment expands the military family leave provisions and incorporates a special eligibility provision for airline flight crew employees, as well as making some additional regulatory changes.

Many industries such as the restaurant, retail, construction, and professional use the Delaware Complete Labor Law Poster to satisfy their compliance requirements for State, Federal, and OSHA. When posted in an area frequented by employees, the Delaware Complete Labor Law Poster puts a business in full compliance.

Are You a Federal Contractor or Subcontractor?

Federal contractors and subcontractors are required to display more postings in addition to the general State, Federal, and OSHA regulations. Please click here to see the federal contractor and subcontractor posting requirements. Ensure your full compliance by posting the Delaware Complete Labor Law Posters with the federal contractor-required postings.

Order the Complete Labor Law Poster with the replacement poster program – our Compliance Protection Plan™ – and be in compliance year-round. The Compliance Protection Plan™ ships the most recent Complete Labor Law Poster right away for quick compliance and when a mandatory posting change occurs, a brand-new poster is automatically shipped directly to you.

How It Works:

1. New Complete Labor Law Poster that has the most current state and federal labor law postings is shipped to you.
2. Your account is continuously monitored for mandatory posting changes to both state and federal labor laws by our Compliance Experts.
3. Once a mandatory change is detected, a new Complete Labor Law Poster is shipped directly to your location at no additional cost.

The Compliance Protection Plan™ is backed by our 100% Unlimited Compliance Guarantee – meaning if your business properly displays the latest poster delivered from LaborLawCenter™, and receives a posting fine, we will reimburse ALL paid posting fines. Terms and Conditions apply.

Get the Complete State & Federal Labor Law Poster AND automatic replacement posters by adding the "Replacement Poster Program" for $33.04 to your order today.

Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster FAQ's:

1. Does the Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster include the federal minimum wage poster and is this something I am required to post?
  The Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster includes the current federal minimum wage poster as well as the Delaware minimum wage rate of $8.25 per hour. Delaware employers are required to post both the state and federal minimum wage posters in addition to the other mandatory Delaware, federal and OSHA labor law postings.
2. Do I need to post Spanish or bilingual posters?
  The law requires that employers post workplace notices in Spanish if their employees do not read English. For the most part, laws do not specifically state that postings be in Spanish, but do require that employees be able to readily read the notices. Therefore, it is recommended that employers post all employment notices in both Spanish and English if they have Spanish-speaking employees who do not read English.
3. How many labor law posters do I need and where should they go?
  All mandatory Delaware, federal and OSHA labor law notices are included on the Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster. Employers need only to post the all-in-one poster to be compliant with workplace posting regulations. Regulations require that employers post the labor law notices in conspicuous areas in the workplace, in locations where employees can easily view them. Some posters must also be placed in areas where job applicants can see them. Break rooms, locker rooms, hallways, and time clock areas are acceptable posting locations.

Employers are not permitted to shrink posters down and place them in binders, nor can they post them in areas that employees and applicants cannot access. The labor law postings may be included on a company intranet in addition to, but not in place of, physically displaying the posters on the employer’s premises. The mandatory labor law posters must always be displayed in the workplace where employees and applicants can view them.
4. What federal labor law posters am I required to display?
  Employers must post certain federal and OSHA labor law notices, including the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) posters. The Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster includes all mandatory federal and OSHA notices, as well as the required Delaware state labor law postings.
5. Is an all-in-one poster legally compliant?
  Yes, the Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster adheres to all legal requirements, including those statutes that specify a font and page size in order for a poster to meet regulations. When properly posted, the Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster complies fully with the law.
6. What should I expect when I receive the Complete Delaware Labor Law poster?
  The Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster will be mailed to you in a mailing tube. The poster is laminated and includes all mandatory Delaware, federal and OSHA labor law posters in one convenient 24” x 39” poster. The Complete Delaware Labor Law Poster is printed on one side and not the other, so that all labor law notices are visible when the poster is placed on the wall.

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