North Carolina State Labor Law Poster


Product Specification:

  • This poster is 18.5" x 24.5"
  • Front and back sided are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color
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Do You Need To Purchase For Another State?

The North Carolina and US federal government mandates that both state and federal posters must be posted. For your convenience and preference, we currently offer two formats to assist you with your compliance needs. We are the industry’s leading company that can provide you with either the North Carolina Complete Labor Law Poster, which includes state, federal, and OSHA posting requirements on a single poster for $29.95, or to purchase the state and federal posters separately. You can purchase the North Carolina State Only Labor Law Poster for $21.95, and the Federal Poster for $12.95. We offer both formats for you to choose from.

Looking for an ongoing compliance solution? Consider our Compliance Protection Plan™. This plan offers worry-free compliance including automatic poster replacements whenever mandatory changes occur for 12-months! Add our Compliance Protection Plan™ to your North Carolina Complete Labor Law Poster purchase now by selecting the 1 Year Compliance Protection Plan option in the purchasing options above.

Customers typically purchase the Complete State and Federal poster all on one because they want the convenience of having everything on one poster and just managing one poster. Many mutli-State located companies like to refer to one poster to have sites remove and replace. The State and Federal separate posters are offered and typically purchased by customers who might not have the room to fit one Complete State and Federal poster as they’re generally longer. Two posters offers the flexibility of putting one poster on one wall and another poster on one wall. It’s really is just a preference when deciding on a Complete State and Federal Poster or a separate State and Federal Poster.

  • North Carolina Minimum Wage
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • North Carolina OSHA - Safety and Health Protection
  • Workers' Compensation

Note: Businesses must post both a State poster and Federal poster to be in compliance.

Obtaining the state posting requirements has never been easier with the North Carolina State only labor law poster. The North Carolina state only poster has all the state mandated notices required to be posted at the workplace on one convenient poster. Save valuable employee time and money by simply indicating your quantity and version. All posters are conveniently offered in English and Spanish.

To be in FULL compliance, both the state AND federal laws must be posted at every worksite. Obtaining the federal labor law posters is just as easy. We offer a 20” x 26” poster that includes all the federal labor law posters on one simple poster. It should be posted next to your state mandatory poster.

Each State Only Labor Law Poster includes any of the following posters when required by the specific state.

  • State Minimum Wage
  • Discrimination Notice
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • No Smoking Notice
  • Family Leave or Sick Leave