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Kentucky & Federal Labor Law Posters

Kentucky & Federal Labor Law Posters


Satisfies mandatory labor law posting requirements for all businesses in Kentucky

  • Professionally laminated State, Federal & OSHA notices compiled in one single 25" x 39" poster
  • $25,000 violation protection for guaranteed compliance
    (with Replacement Service)
  • Includes all 7 required posters in KY, Federal & OSHA posters into one easy to post poster
  • Fully compliant for all businesses & includes 2019's mandatory labor law updates
  • Select the Replacement Service to automatically receive new, updated posters as laws change though out the year. Renews annually, receive email alerts when new posters ship

Includes all of the following recent poster updates along with all mandatory required KY & federal posters

  • Discrimination - Updated 5/2019
  • Child Labor Laws
  • Occupational Safety and Health Protection
  • Workers' Compensation
  • See all included posters

Ships Immediately

Let Us Keep You Updated with Our Replacement Service
Never miss a beat and keep your business in compliance 365 days a year through 2019. Labor Law Updates can happen multiple times per year and require mandatory updates to posters. We'll immediately ship you new posters for no additional charge every time a mandatory update takes place, without any limits. Sign up for $62.99 per year and receive Free Shipping. Save time, the risk of non-compliance (which can lead to fines), & money with this option!

25" X 39"
Order one for each KY office and location to be fully compliant.
2019 English Laminated
2019 Spanish Laminated
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