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Labor Law Posters
Ohio has 8 labor law posters that all businesses large and small are required to post. As a businees owner, you'll need to print and post all of these to stay compliant. It's important to keep up with the changes or your business could be fined.
In the past 3 years,Ohio has had 3 updates, requiring new posters to stay compliant.
Print and Post Each Poster to Meet Mandatory
Ohio Labor Law Requirements
Poster NameDescription
Minimum Wage Provides information on minimum wage, tipped employees, overtime and recordkeeping responsibilities. 
Discrimination Notice Provides information on unlawful employment discrimination and how to file a complaint.
Minor Labor Laws Provides information on the employment of minors including work certificates, wage agreement, rest period, recordkeeping, restricted work hours and prohibited occupations. 
No Smoking Poster Notifies employees smoking is prohibited.
Public Employee Risk Reduction Poster Provides both employer and employee responsibilities to ensure job safety and health in the workplace.
Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Provides information on workers' compensation benefits for self-insured employer.
Unemployment Insurance Notifies employees of unemployment insurance and how to file a claim.
Workers' Compensation No specific poster provided. Notice must include proof of the employer's workers' compensation coverage
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Complete Labor Law PosterComplete Labor Law PosterComplete Labor Law PosterComplete Labor Law Poster
You're going to need required Federal posters as well. Currently there are six of them. The day-to-day of running your business is a lot so we make it easy for you with a Complete poster for your state that comes with all required state and federal posters, is laminated, and follows compliant size requirements. You even have the option of getting a new poster sent to you every time there is a new update.


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Free Labor Law Posters
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  • Most businesses post laminated ones, so you'll have to do it on your own time and dime
  • Posters need to be of a certain size or you could get fined
  • You must keep up-to-date with all mandatory updates
  • Printer ink, toner, and paper can get pricey
Labor Law Center's Complete
Labor Law Poster
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