Utah Department of Labor

The Utah Department of Labor, also known as the Labor Commission of Utah is a great resource for any person looking to obtain help or more information about work related issues. These issues can range from proper job training, unemployment, work health codes and safety and laws regarding the business place.

According to the department’s website, their mission is to make certain that every citizen within the State of Utah has a safe, healthful and fair workplace. In addition, they strive to make sure that businesses operate within the law concerning discrimination and to promote the welfare of both the employer and the employees as a whole. The Labor Commission of Utah operates on six divisions. These include:

Antidiscrimination and Labor Division: This department seeks to make certain that all employees are treated fairly and are not discriminated in any way (such as by age, race religion, sex, disability and pregnancy) within the workplace. This includes payment of wages, fair housing and employment discrimination.

Industrial Accident Division: This division sets and enforces policies regarding workers compensation and makes certain that all workers get adequate coverage. It also is equipped to handle complaints and disputes between workers seeking compensation, employers, health care providers and insurance companies.

Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division: This division ensures that employees are given health and safety benefits and assistance. In addition, the UOSH establishes regulations about safety standards within the workplace.

Boiler and Elevator Safety Division: This division works with businesses to inspect boiler rooms and elevators. All problems can be reported to this division and they ensure that the equipment is up to standards.

Adjudication Division: This division conducts hearings and resolve issues related to the above divisions. It works with all parties involved to find a suitable resolution to issues within the workplace.

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