Rhode Island Labor Board

In Rhode Island we take care of our workers. That is what the job of the Rhode Island Labor Board is. We do all that we can to provide for every aspect of the employees rights, privileges and safety. This is lead by Adelita S. Orefice the director. Every aspect of worker and employer laws, wages and compensation goes through this board. It is important to realize just how helpful the Rhode Island Labor Board is to all of us as it can provide answers to all of our questions in regards to anything related to the workplace or employment.

In Rhode Island we have a fair wage which is currently at $6.75 per hour which is much higher than the national minimum wage standard of $5.15 per hour. This is in an effort to attract employees and to lower the unemployment rate in our state. Currently our unemployment rate stands at 5.5% which is high compared to the national average of 4.8%. We are at a standstill in our unemployment rate as of lately however we are doing many different things that we are doing to get this down. We have job placement and retraining tools that we are using in an effort to get the rate down as well.

The Rhode Island Labor Board is also doing everything it can as far as workplace safety is concerned as well. By teaching and training both employers and employees: what to do, and how best to do it. There is a strong emphasis on safety and promoting healthy work environments to help everyone in the long and short run. We want to be willing to go to work not be afraid of what is going to happen or break on us today and the Rhode Island Labor Board is doing everything it can to make sure that that happens.

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