Oklahoma Labor Board

The Oklahoma Labor Board is responsible for every aspect of the workers and employers are the state of Oklahoma. They are responsible for everything from setting the minimum wage standard to helping and handling all unemployment issues for us. Brenda Reneau is our labor commissioner and she is working to the best of her ability to make every aspect of the work environment better for all of us. She helps in the overseeing of everything to creation of possible new labor laws to the enforcement of the current ones. She also does all she can in an effort to maintain and lower our unemployment rate.

In Oklahoma our current unemployment rate is at 3.9% which is down from May’s 4.1%. Both of these numbers are well below the national unemployment level of 4.8% which is only speaking volumes about the Oklahoma Labor Board. Even for those that are unemployed the board is still trying to help you by working to get you back into the workforce and providing assistance until you do so. There are various programs and things that are available to help those that are out of work in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma a huge concern and focal point of the commissioner is workplace safety. She is not only concerned about our safety, but the safety of those that are around us as well. She has instituted programs that are designed to promote a safe workplace as well as overseeing the OSHA division in the state of Oklahoma. However safety concerns do not only rest with the traditional money earners in the household. There are also many concerns for the minors who are in the workforce as well. There are many laws and regulations that pertain to the well being and safety of our minor workers in our state. And the board is there to help enforce these as well.

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