New Jersey Adds Breastfeeding to Anti-Discrimination Notices

As of January 8, 2018, New Jersey is the 18th state to prohibit employers from engaging in workplace discrimination against women who are breastfeeding. Employers must allow breaks during the day for women to express milk or breastfeed, and a private room to do it. Employers don’t have to pay women while they’re  breastfeeding or expressing milk unless they already receive compensation during their breaks. The law went into effect immediately.

Post updated posters by June 15, 2018 to be compliant.

The Impact on New Jersey State Labor Law Postings

New Jersey Employment Discrimination notices have been updated on state labor law posters to reflect these changes. It’s time for all New Jersey employers to review their policies to accommodate current and future mothers and to update their posters to stay in compliance.

All New Jersey businesses are required by state law to update labor law posters to reflect this change. Order the All-In-One New Jersey Labor Law Poster with this latest update to stay in compliant state labor laws. Labor Law Center continually monitors local, state and federal posting requirements and has been helping thousands of businesses maintain compliance since 1999.


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