e-Compliance FAQ

Have Questions or Concerns About Your e-Compliance™ Membership?

The following are a collection of the most common questions and concerns from e-Compliance™ members. These questions can range from information about e-Alerts to account maintenance.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, simply email us and we'll be sure to respond within 2 hours (during normal business hours).


question "Can I receive new posters for mandatory updates instead of having to print and post updates onto my poster?"
Yes. Our compliance management service, the Compliance Protection Plan™, sends you new labor law posters each time a mandatory update occurs. To learn more about the Compliance Protection Plan and the numerous benefits plan members receive, click here.
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question "Is there any way I can increase the font size on the e-Alert PDFs?"
answer Do not, in any way, alter the formatting of e-Alerts. Font size and formatting of e-Alert postings follow specific state and government requirements. Manipulating your e-Alert in any way puts you at risk of receiving posting fines. Additionally, incorrectly posting your e-Alert nullifies our $25,000 Compliance Guarantee.
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question "I haven't seen any updates. Is something wrong?"
If you have not received an e-Alert recently, this most likely means no updates occurred. We work closely with our state contacts and labor law attorneys to identify and release updates.
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question "I've only received one update in the past year, which concerns me. I thought there would have been more..."
answer A set schedule for labor law updates does not exist. There are both Federal and State updates which vary from year to year. As the update is released, you receive the e-Alert to download and print it. (You can check all the mandatory e-Alerts that have occurred in the table found here).

If you are absolutely certain that an update occurred and you did not receive an e-Alert, there may be a problem with email deliverability.

To correct this, be sure to add our email to your safe senders list. Doing so will allow our e-Alerts and other important emails to pass easily through your spam filter or junk folder and land into your inbox. Find out how to add LaborLawCenter™ to your safe senders list here. If you have already added us to your safe senders list and feel like you have missed an update please email us at ecompliance@laborlawcenter.com.
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question "I sometimes get confused as to what labor law company we signed up for. I keep getting emails from other companies."
answer There are quite a few labor law poster manufacturers out there that distribute emails, direct mail, and other materials to get your business. Rest assured that the only time we will notify you of an update is through e-Alerts or the summary email at the end of each quarter. No other email about updates will be sent to you.

An easy way to ensure the messages you receive are from us is to check for the words LaborLawCenter™ or e-Compliance™.

A Quick Fix: If you receive notifications about compliance that are not from LaborLawCenter™, you can always avoid the confusion by unsubscribing from these other messages or ask to be removed from those lists.
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question "I keep hearing about updates through the grapevine. Why haven't you told me about these updates?"
answer Many of our competitors will continue to advertise an update that has occurred several months ago in the hope that this will urge you to buy a new poster. For example, some are still advertising the FMLA update as 'recent news' even though it happened last February.

With e-Compliance™, we will notify you of updates through e-Alerts and quarterly update summaries.

It's our responsibility to keep you compliant. We will not continue to email you about an update that occurred months ago. And if, when using our
e-Compliance™ system correctly, you receive a posting violation, you are covered up to $25,000 dollars (terms and conditions apply).
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question "Can’t I just order one e-Compliance plan for multiple locations and posters?"
Ordering just one plan for multiple posters nullifies our compliance guarantee. To ensure compliance it is important to order e-Compliance plans for each poster you purchase. This is the only way we can guarantee compliance.