Core Values

Core Values

Our Solutionists rely on our eight Core Values to guide us through our day to day activities. We believe that is important to be a part of the solution for our customers, and we are part of the solution by committing to the success of our partners, our customers, and ourselves.

Our Core Values:

✓ S upporting you every step of the way. We treat you as a valued customer long before you place an order.
✓ O pen-mindedness in approaching your problem. We know that your business is unique, and we are happy to consider any special requests.
✓ L eadership in overcoming any obstacles along the way. We take it upon ourselves to make your life simpler, delivering the best customer experience.
✓ U nderstanding of the challenges you are facing. We are committed to help you deal with the pressures of running a business by removing the hassle of compliance.
✓ T imely service and support. We follow the changing requirements of your business - in fact, we do our best to anticipate them.
✓ I nitiative in tackling your individual compliance needs. We are proud to be our client’s most trusted advisors on compliance. We will help you make sense of the laws, and never sell something you don’t need.
✓ O wnership of the work we do for you. We stand by our successes. We also make up for mistakes. That’s why all LaborLawCenter products come with a 365-day satisfaction guarantee - found nowhere else in the industry!
✓ N eeds of your business come first to us, now and always. Your peace of mind and your success are the only option. Every day we are hard at work on making your business life simpler and more enjoyable.

And when hard work at LaborLawCenter stops, hard play begins. Anyone lucky enough to visit our HQ will tell you - we sure know how to play!

Applying Our Values to Servicing our Customer...

Support our customers in every way possible.

Be open-minded when resolving customer issues, doing what is best for the company and the customer.

We aim to be the leader in our industry for excellent customer service.

Be understanding of our customer’s needs in order to meet all of their expectations.

Ensure all business activity is timely, and is conducted to fulfill customer orders.

Take the initiative to service our customers by going above and beyond their expectations.

Take ownership of your contribution, taking pride in the company… this will resonate with our customer and they will know we keep our commitments.

Meet the needs of the customer with each and every transaction.

We value hard work, but we also merit relaxation and fun. We believe that keeping our employees happy and healthy will do the same for our company. We believe that our employees are the engine that keep us going, so in turn we need to take care of our engine to make sure it keeps running!