Core Values

Core Values

As your PARTNER in workforce compliance we rely on our seven Core Values to guide us through our day to day activities. We believe that is important to be a part of the solution for our customers, and we are part of the solution by committing to the success of our partners, our customers, and ourselves.

Our Core Values:

✓ P assionate: We are committed to our customers and industry best practices.
✓ A uthentic: We are ethical and honest in all business affairs.
✓ R ally: We are dedicated to supporting our teams, customers, and community.
✓ T rustworthy: We are committed to help you deal with the pressures of running a business by removing the hassle of compliance.
✓ N urture: We cultivate customer and employee relationships.
✓ E xcellence: We deliver quality products and services through our knowledgeable employees.
✓ R ecognition: We proudly acknowledge the loyalty of our customers, employees, and partners.

And when hard work at LaborLawCenter stops, hard play begins. Anyone lucky enough to visit our HQ will tell you - we sure know how to play!

Applying Our Values to Servicing our Customer...

We are Passionate about our work and strive to provide the best customer service.

Be Authentic and serve our customers with honesty.

Rally together to support each other in our commitment to customers.

Be Trustworthy in helping customers meet their compliance needs.

Nurture our partnerships and continue to grow together.

Deliver Excellence in our products and customer service.

Proudly show Recognition of our partners.

We value hard work, but we also merit relaxation and fun. We believe that keeping our employees happy and healthy will do the same for our company. We believe that our employees are the engine that keep us going, so in turn we need to take care of our engine to make sure it keeps running!