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As experienced providers in compliance postings, we understand how confusing the topic of compliance is for most business owners. We all hear words such as "OSHA" and "FMLA" being thrown around, which  makes it hard to know how to ensure compliance in the workplace. This is why we have come up with a quick and simple list to aid in maintaining your labor law compliance!

1. How often does your Labor Law Poster need updating?

It is important to note that state, federal, and OSHA posting requirements regularly change, so simply having a poster may not be enough! Posters must be updated or changed with each and every mandatory revision to the laws. To guarantee your compliance consider joining our Compliance Protection Plan, the poster replacement plan. We take care of your compliance by automatically shipping new labor law poster with each mandatory update, attentively monitoring your account, and backing you up with our unlimited compliance guarantee. Join now and guarantee your compliance now!

2. Where do you post?

Once you purchase one of our State, Federal, and OSHA Complete Posters, you may think that you are done with compliance. However, what many business owners fail to realize is that it is mandatory for these posters to be posted in an area easily accessible and frequented to each and every employee. For some businesses, this may mean purchasing for different break rooms and even different floors in a building.

3. What about applicant compliance requirements?

Companies are required to display a core set of posters in interview rooms or rooms where applicants frequent as part of their application and interviewing process. While you may have posters in all your break and lunch rooms, if you carry out interviews in a separate area, you are putting your business at risk of unfair employment accusations.  Avoid this by posting an applicant labor law poster in your interview room!

4. Am I required to post a Labor Law Poster in Spanish?

As experts in compliance postings, we have found that employers that are diligent about keeping their employees informed experience less lawsuits and employee disputes. While posting Spanish labor law posters is not a mandatory requirement in all states, it is highly recommended to post in Spanish even if you have even one Spanish speaking employee. Ensuring that language differences are not a barrier to understanding the laws and rights of employees help to minimize the risk of abuse or potential misunderstanding. It is your responsibility to ensure that each employee is informed of their workplace rights. 

5. What is the difference between recordkeeping and just keeping records?

While you may keep record of some data pertaining to your employees, OSHA mandates that employers log and keep on record work-related injuries and illnesses that occur at work. This recordkeeping requirement is mandatory and could be done easily with the OSHA Safety Communication Poster


Failure in keeping compliant can result in fines, loss of business, and credibility. Gain peace of mind by knowing that all of Labor Law Center’s posters are guaranteed to be compliant in fulfilling state and federal posting requirements. Whenever a labor law update is detected, the posters are immediately placed on hold and not shipped until the change is completed and classified as mandatory or non-mandatory. You will be notified if your poster is on hold for an update and then once it ships. This guarantees that you always receive compliant labor law posters from LaborLawCenter™



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