Required Labor Law Postings for Job Interviews

There are three federal labor laws that must be posted for applicants to see during an interview.

1. Family and Medical Leave Act
2. Employee Polygraph Protection
3. Equal Employment Opportunity

These posters must be displayed wherever you interview job applicants. Herein lays the problem. If your regular labor law posters are in your break or lunch room and your job applicant does not visit these rooms, they will never see the postings.

There are a few solutions to this problem:

Move your labor law poster for every interview

If your company rarely interviews applicants, moving your employee labor law posters to the interview room may be worth the hassle. Nevertheless, you must remember to do this for all interviews and return the poster to its original place afterwards.

Print out labor law posters for interview area

An alternative is to print out these three labor law posters and hang them up in your interview area. This, of course, can leave your interview wall area looking tacky and unprofessional to applicants.

Order an Applicant Labor Law Poster – Only $6.99!

The third and best option is to simply order a new poster specifically designed to meet the job applicant requirements. Our interview poster is small enough to not take up the entire wall. It covers all necessary labor law postings for job interviewees and gives a professional appearance to potential employees.

Order your Applicant Labor Law Poster now and stay protected from applicants looking to avenge the fact that they weren’t hired.

Applicant Labor Law Poster

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