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Performance Folder
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Employees should receive regular performance evaluations from their employers. All employers have their own performance evaluation schedules, but most employers perform performance evaluations at least once annually and whenever an employee is eligible for a raise or promotion. These performance evaluations should be organized and easily accessible for each employee so that employers can quickly gain access to important information about employees’ performances. 

Product Specifications

  • 25 Performance
  • Size 9.5 x 11.75 

Front of folder

  • Fields for employee name, social security, job title, etc.
  • Section detailing performance based results

Back of folder

  • Fields found on back to document additional performance information
  • Space on back to list employee's awards or recognitions
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Why the Performance Folder is important

A performance evaluation may consist of a wide variety of forms and reviews, depending on the employer and the position of the employee. For example, a performance evaluation for a member of the sales department may include statistics and data pertaining to the individual’s sales performance.

On the contrary, a performance evaluation for a supervisor may contain employee surveys about the effectiveness of the supervisor, data about performance level increases, and more. Each employer can determine exactly what elements go into a performance review or evaluation.

Employers need to keep in mind that their performance evaluations are very important in ensuring that the company is legal and released from certain liabilities. Therefore, employers should emphasize the importance of performance evaluations whenever supervisors are required to complete them.

For example, if an employee files a lawsuit for being wrongfully terminated, the employer should be able to produce performance evaluations or supporting materials that help to indicate that an employee was terminated for reasons related to performance or the employee’s inability to meet other work-related requirements.

Because employees have up to two years to file a lawsuit against an employer in most states, employers should be sure to keep employees’ performance folders for at least two years.

This tabbed file folder is designed to help employers stay organized, efficient, and legally sound with their performance evaluation record keeping regarding all current and past employees.