OSHA Confidential Employee Safety Folder


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  • This forms is 8.5" x 11"
  • 25 sheets/pkg
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OSHA – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is safe for employees. In order to ensure that workplaces are safe, OSHA institutes and oversees a variety of guidelines by which employers are required to comply, including guidelines for cleanliness, accident and injury reporting, training, safety systems, safety procedures, and more.

In order to ensure that employers comply by OSHA standards and regulations, OSHA periodically inspects workplaces. During an inspection, employers are required to provide detailed information regarding records, systems, procedures, training, and employees.

The OSHA Confidential Employee Safety Folder helps employers to stay organized so that they can ensure that they provide all of the necessary training, resources, and materials to employees. They can then share this information with OSHA inspectors, if requested to do so during an inspection.

The OSHA Confidential Employee Safety Folder also helps employers to ensure that they maintain accurate employee records regarding each employee.

OSHA Confidential Employee Safety Folders easy-to-complete contain data fields in which employers can maintain the following important information:

  • Safety training records
  • Emergency contact information for employees
  • Accident reports, including investigation materials
  • Training records
  • Employee and employer violation records
  • Hazardous material records
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Employee sick leave, including FMLA time off
  • Employee insurance information

The OSHA Confidential Employee Safety Folder is durable and contain all of the necessary forms that employers will need in order to stay compliant with OSHA regulations. Moreover, each folder is clearly labeled as “confidential”, ensuring that employers will be aware of the sensitive nature of information contained within the folder.

Folders are standard letter-sized to easily fit in filing cabinets, storage shelves, or drawers.