No Smoking Poster


Be sure that employees get the message with a poster that says “no smoking” in three different ways: English, Spanish, and the international “No Smoking” symbol. Show that you care by protecting visitors and workers from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, with these signs. Many states are beginning to require that employers provide a smoke-free environment and also post “no smoking” signs in the workplace…and the number is growing every day. Be prepared with this attractive, durable poster.

Product Specifications:

  • This poster is 11” x17”
  • Laminated on both sides
  • Quality printing in full color
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The bold and attractive poster blends into any décor, while sending the message loud and clear. Whether it's to reinforce a smoke free office environment or to designate a no-smoking area, the No Smoking Poster will ideal.

Providing a designated area for smoking protects non-smokers from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke in other parts of the workplace. Designating a smoking and no smoking area will create a more respectable environment between smokers and non-smokers of the company.

No Smoking Posters are also available for specific states.  To purchase State Specific No Smoking Posters, please click on the posters below: