Nevada Payday Notice Poster


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According to Nevada law Title 53, Chapter 608, all employers in the state of Nevada are required to post the Nevada Payday Notice form in at least two conspicuous areas within the workplace where all employees can have access to the Notice at their convenience. Before posting the Nevada Payday Notice, the form should be completed by the employer with specific information about the employer’s payday policy.

Information listed on the Nevada Payday Notice Poster should include:

  • Company name
  • Regular paydays for employees
  • Location where paychecks will be distributed
  • Contact information for where employees can get more information about their paychecks

The agency responsible for overseeing the Nevada Payday Notice requirements is the Nevada Labor Commission.

Payday laws and requirements

There are 48 states throughout the nation that have laws governing how often employees must be paid. Some states require employees to be paid weekly, while others have bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and/or monthly requirements. Currently, Alabama and South Carolina are the only states that do not have specific payday requirements.

Nevada law requires that employers pay their employees according to a semi-monthly and/or monthly schedule. However, Nevada, along with Illinois, New Mexico, and Virginia, has monthly payday requirements for their employees who hold Executive, Administrative, and Professional positions.

Regardless of a state’s payday laws, employers may pay employees more frequently than the state law mandates. However, employers may not pay employees less frequently than the state-required payday interval. (Some states do have exceptions.)

Nevada Payday Notice Poster

This Nevada Payday Notice Poster can be posted throughout the workplace or retained for later use in the event of a change to the regularly scheduled paydays, distribution location, or contact information.

Note: Nevada law requires that the Nevada Payday Notice be posted in at least two conspicuous places within the workplace, such as an employee break room and employee bulletin board.