Free 2021 Colorado Labor Law Posters

Colorado has 8 individual labor law notices that all businesses large and small are required to post in the workplace. Business owners must print and post all of these notices in a visible location for all employees in order to remain compliant with Colorado labor laws. Failure to post up-to-date notices can result in employee disputes & costly fines..

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s labor law notices cover labor law topics such as minimum wage, unemployment insurance, equal opportunity and other important labor laws. These workplace posters are available at no cost from each state’s department of labor.

Download each Colorado mandatory labor law poster for free

These workplace posters are available at no cost from each state’s department of labor.
We have provided all required posters in a downloadable PDF format free of charge available below.

Want to avoid printing each poster? We offer all required notices on one 25” x 39” laminated professional poster and also include mandatory
Federal notices that all businesses nationwide are required to post. Order for $29.95 and get 15% of with coupon code POST15 at checkout.



Poster Name


Colorado Minimum Wage Provides minimum wage, workday, workweek, overtime, rest periods, meal periods and uniform standards. in the state of Colorado.
Discrimination in Employment Provides discrimination in employment information including unlawful discrimination and possible remedies for violations in the state of Colorado.
Discrimination in Public Accommodations Provides discrimination in public accommodations information including pregnancy accommodations and possible remedies for violations in the state of Colorado.
Injury on the Job Warning Advises employees of required timeframe during which to submit workers' compensation claim and the possibility of reduced benefits in the state of Colorado.
Payday Notice Advises employees of time and date of payday in the state of Colorado.
Unemployment Insurance Provides information on unemployment insurance and how to submit a claim in the state of Colorado.
Workers' Compensation Provides workers' compensation insurer and how to submit a claim in the state of Colorado.
Workplace Public Health Rights Poster Summarizes two Colorado workplace public health laws, SB 20-205 (paid leave) and HB 20-1415 (whistleblowing and personal protective equipment). It does not cover other health or safety laws, rules, and orders, including under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), or from local public health agencies


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Free Labor Law Posters
  • No cost. nuVSkoKGPsJ1QznmxaY3oqCsDW55qjMznuVSkoKGPsJ1QznmxaY3oqCsDW55qjMznuVSkoKGPsJ1QznmxaY3oqCsDW55qjMz{{var poster_price}}nuVSkoKGPsJ1QznmxaY3oqCsDW55qjMznuVSkoKGPsJ1QznmxaY3oqCsDW55qjMznuVSkoKGPsJ1QznmxaY3oqCsDW55qjMz saved for your business
  • Requires you to download and print each poster from State & Federal Department of Labor Websites
  • 4 - 16 State posters (Depending on your state) plus 6 Federal posters
  • You must stay informed with updates and other poster requirement changes
  • Lamination requires extra cost and time


Complete Labor Law Poster

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