Form I-9 Kit


Product Specifications:

  • 1 Three Ring Binder
  • Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification  (50 forms)
  • FAQ about Form I-9 (50 sheets)
  • 1 Set of A-Z Tabs
  • 1 Set of I-9 Completion Tip Sheets
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This Form I-9 Kit is an essential tool in helping businesses to stay compliant with IRCA and other federal employment guidelines that govern employees' legal rights to work in the U.S. In addition to helping employers get information about Form I-9, this kit is designed to help employers retain and organize all of the necessary paperwork that they need to have in order to abide by applicable federal regulations.

The Form I-9 Kit includes:

  • 3 Ring Binder (Includes A-Z Tabs) to help human resources personnel stay organized and updated. If audited, an employer can simply turn over this binder to auditors to prove that the employer has been compliant and followed regulations.
  • I-9 Completion Tip Sheets. These tips will help employers to be sure that they are compliant and will include tips for how to handle common situations associated with I-9 Form completion and compliance.
  • I-9 Forms – Blank I-9 forms readily available to distribute and use.  The employer should retain a copy of Form I-9 for each employee, which can be kept organized in the 3-ring binder.

Failure to Comply with IRCA

If an employer fails to provide proof of an employee’s legal right to work in the U.S. (Form I-9), the employer can face serious legal and financial ramifications. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) oversees IRCA compliance and may impose penalties or prosecute an employer for not properly completing Form I-9 or for knowingly hiring an employee that is not legal to work in the U.S.

If an employer fails to properly complete, retain, or turn-over its I-9 Forms during an inspection, the employer could be fined anywhere from $100 to $1,100 per I-9 Form. If an employer knowingly hires workers who are not legal to work in the U.S., the employer could face a civil penalty of $250 to $11,000 per employee. Some employers may also face time behind bars for repeatedly hiring illegal workers.

Use The Form I-9 Kit to comply to verify eligibility.