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Florida Workers Compensation Notification Letter

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Florida Workers Compensation Notification Letter


Dealing with employees that are injured on the job requires a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. The employer and all representatives are required to act swiftly and provide the injured employee with details regarding rights and the process. Workers Compensation lawsuits can be very expensive and use excessive resources. Each questionable incident should be handled correctly from the beginning to avoid complications.

The Florida "Injured Employee" letter will enable the employer to quickly contact the injured party. By using these letters the employer can be confident that the situation is being handled responsibly and within the law. Although the letter is initiated by the employer, the letter is from the Florida Division of Worker's Compensation and it carries the state seal. This gives the letter authority and lets the injured party know that the incident will be handled correctly. Employers that have a high concentration of native Spanish speaking employees should send the letter in both English and Spanish.

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