Employment History Folder

Employment History Folder
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The Employment History Folder provides you with a simple and efficient way to keep track of employment history. The convenient New Hire Checklist allows you to keep track of which forms have or have not been completed. From promotions, to demotions, to status changes, stay organized while insuring you complete all the steps necessary for your new hires. This durable folder comes complete with tab dividers for easy access.

Product Specifications

  • 25 Employment History Folders
  • Size 9.5 x 11.75 
  • Fields for employee name, social security. job title, etc.
  • Section for employee department information
  • Area for employee position history
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Why the Employment History folder is important

In most cases, when employees apply for a job, the employee needs to provide employers with information about his or her employment history. This employment history information may serve a variety of purposes for different employers.

For example, it may help employers to get a better understanding of the qualifications and experiences that an employee has had. The employment history may also help employers to verify that employees have performed certain important job functions.

Keeping track of employees’ employment histories can be a challenge – especially for companies that have numerous employees and a degree of employee turn-over. This employment history folder is an essential tool in helping businesses to ensure that they keep accurate and organized records of their employees’ employment histories.

Employers may be required to produce employee histories for a variety of reasons. For example, employers may want to review employee histories when they are looking to make a promotion or assign a new task that requires that an employee has a certain type of experience or knowledge.

Employers may also have to produce employee history records in the event that an employee or past employee files a lawsuit against the employer. Employees have up to two years in most states to file a lawsuit against an employer, so employers should be sure that they retain employee history documents for current and former employees for at least years.

This employment history folder is durable and constructed with tab dividers so that employers can stay organized with all of their employment history records.