Virginia Publishes Updated Job Safety and Health Protection Poster

State Update Overview

Date Updated September 2022
Labor Law Update The State of Virginia Safety and Health (VOSH) Law
What Changed Penalty amounts, new commissioner
Mandatory or Non-Mandatory Mandatory
Updated Poster Virginia Labor Law Poster

In September 2022, the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry published an updated Job Safety and Health Protection poster with increased penalty amounts for violations of VOSH law.

Virginia Labor Law Update

  • Increased penalty amount of $14,270 for each serious and non-serious violation.
  • Increased daily penalty amount of $14,270 for failing to correct a violation.
  • Employers who willfully or repeatedly violate the law may incur an increased penalty amount of $142,691 for each violation.

Virginia Labor Law Poster Update

All businesses within the State of Virginia must display the Job Safety and Health Protection poster along with other state-mandated posting requirements where it is sufficiently accessible and viewable to all employees. This change has been reflected in our Virginia & Federal Labor Law Poster and does require an immediate mandatory update. Failure to meet compliance requirements and display the updated poster could result in fines.

Order the Virginia Labor Law Poster to immediately include this required update.

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