New Hampshire Updates Protective Legislation Law



In July New Hampshire revised their Protective Legislation Law to reflect changes to the Payment of Wages component.  Specifically, the law now specifies that wages must be paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Employers may now pay bi-weekly without a waiver from the state labor commissioner.  In short, payments must be made at regular intervals not to exceed 14 days.

Because labor compliance posters are a critical means of notifying employees of their rights, it is good to regularly review posters to ensure that mid-year changes are caught.

The Labor Law Center helps businesses keep current on labor laws by always ensuring that your posters are kept up-to-date.  The new all in one New Hampshire Labor Law Poster contains all other state and federal posting requirements for employers within the state.


The Labor Law Center also offers a worry-free service to our customers through our Poster Service Plan with automatic replacements.  What this means is that we monitor the state and federal postings and automatically send you updates when they are released.  It is that simple!

We also offer our clients our newly updated Education Center.  If you are new to labor law compliance or just wanting to keep up with the latest news and changes as they come out, this is the place to bookmark and visit regularly.

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