Nevada Implements Nursing Mothers Accommodation Act and Domestic Violence Victims Act



Nevada employees are being impacted by three new laws which will impact every employer in the state.  Employers must be aware and prepared for a smooth implementation of the new laws.

Nursing Mothers Accommodation Act

Effective July 1, 2017, all employers must provide employees who are the mother of an infant less than one year with reasonable break time and a reasonable place (other than a bathroom) where they can go to express milk.  The breaks may be with or without pay.  The break rooms must be private as well as clean and free from dirt or hazardous debris.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Beginning October 1, 2017, employers will need to make reasonable accommodations for all pregnant workers, ensuring that workers are given appropriate considerations while pregnant.

Domestic Violence Victims

The new Domestic Violence Victims law applies to all employees who have been employed for at least 90 days.  The individual must be the victim of domestic violence or must be a direct family member of a victim of domestic violence.  Employees are entitled for up to 160 hours of leave in any one twelve-month period.  The leave may be considered paid or unpaid.  Employees must use the leave within the twelve months immediately following the domestic violence incident.

While this law does not go into effect until January 1, 2018, the poster has been released to allow employers adequate time to prepare for the upcoming law.

Employer Responsibilities

All businesses within the state of Nevada must fully comply with these laws by the dates indicated above.  In addition, employers must display the new all in one Nevada Labor Law Poster which includes all three notices plus all other state and federal posting requirements.

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