Mileage Reimbursement for Colorado Employees

In my research I have found that unless you are an injured employee, your employer does not have to reimburse you for travel expenses. There is no set mileage rate that they must follow, nor are they required by law to pay for business related travel. Most employers do reimburse employees for travel expenses including a rate for mileage incurred when traveling for business.

State employees and some designated others are entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses incurred in carrying out responsibilities that are for the benefit of the state.The rate at which they are to be paid is $.35 per mile. If necessary to use a four-wheel drive vehicle the miles can be calculated at $.36 per mile. If traveling on state business you are expected to use the most cost effective means of transportation. If driving a personal vehicle, the most direct route will be used in calculating mileage.

Employers are also required to reimburse those receiving Workers Compensation benefits for mileage. The payer shall reimburse an injured worker for reasonable and necessary mileage expenses for travel to and from medical appointments and reasonable mileage to obtain prescribed medications. The reimbursement rate shall be $.30 per mile. The injured worker shall submit a statement to the payer showing the dates of travel and number of miles traveled, with receipts for any other reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred.

As a regular employee of a public or private company, whether or not you are reimbursed for business related travel expenses is at the sole discretion of your employer.The IRS sets an optional standard mileage rate based on a number of factors. This is the maximum amount allowed as a deductible expense. If you are paid at a rate lower than the amount, which is currently set at $.445 than you may claim the difference, but if you are paid at a higher amount, then you may be subject to report the excess as wages earned.

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