Employee Record Organizer


All employers should have a neatly organized system for maintaining employee records for current and past employees. While not all records are required to be kept for current or past employees, they can still be helpful for employers in many conditions. Therefore, many employers prefer to keep all employee records neatly organized in one unit in order to stay organized and to be sure that they have the records if they are ever asked to provide them.

Using the employee record organizer, employers can easily find information about an employee’s attendance, benefits insurance, employment history, payroll taxes, and more. This organizer helps to ensure that businesses stay organized, efficient, and up-to-date with important records for all current and past employees.

Employee Records for Past Employees

Employers are required to keep ex employee records for different periods of time, depending on the type of record. For example, payroll records need to be kept for seven years. Businesses may need these records in the event that they are audited. Employers should also be able to supply these records to employees in the event that employees are audited as well.

Employers should keep personnel records for at least two years. However, this amount of time may vary from state to state. In most cases, employees have up to two years to sue an employer. If an employer is sued, the employer should be able to produce information that supports his or her case. For example, if an employee sues an employer for wrongful termination, the employer should be able to produce the employee’s personnel record and that personnel record should provide acceptable reasons why the employee was terminated.

Because different types of records need to be kept for different lengths of time, most employers opt to keep all records together for the longest amount of time required. Therefore, most employees will retain all employee records for at least seven years, even if those records are not required to be kept for that long.

Employee Record Organizer

The employee record organizer is a folder kit that comes complete with separate folders that help employers stay organized with all of their records for all of their employees. The folders that are included in the organizer are:

Using this organizer, employers can be sure that they always have access to the necessary employee records for those employees that are currently employed and for employees that are no longer employed with the organization. Don’t get caught unable to find important information when you need it; keep it organized in the convenient employee record organizer!

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Employee Record Organizer Includes:

State Mandatory Updates

State Non-Mandatory Updates

Federal State Mandatory Updates

Federal State Non-Mandatory Updates