5 Tips To Make Your Employees First Day Great

Having a great onboarding process is essential to retaining employees and building an engaged office culture. Go beyond the usual filling out paperwork and orientation and make your employee’s first day great. Here’s a five tips to make sure your new employees feel at home their first day in the office.

  1. Prepare Their Space. Seems like a no-brainer, but even big, established companies can overlook the small things. Make sure your employee is set to go with their computer, laptop, office supplies, name plate, map of the building, and company directory.
  2. Give Them A Tour. Don’t forget the tour, even if your office is small. Point out the HR department, bathrooms, first aid kit, labor law posters in the break rooms, and emergency exits.
  3. Meet Team Members. Walk them around the office and introduce them to team members they’ll be working with. Even if they won’t remember everyone’s names, it’s nice to start getting to know faces and the landscape of the office. Send out a welcome email to the team and give a little background on the new hire. (Include a fun fact or quote if you can!)
  4. Plan an Activity or Welcome Gift. Think about hosting a welcome lunch at the office or at a nearby restaurant. If something like that is not in your budget you could get bagels and coffee in the morning. Or skip the lunch and give them a welcome gift. Company swag (tote bags/T-shirts) or a plant to keep at their desk with a welcome note can be a fun surprise.
  5. Assign Them A Mentor or Go-To Person. Whether it’s a boss, co-worker, or someone in HR, give your new hire a person they can direct any questions to. From where to find the calendar, good lunch places, or where to go if they need some IT help. Set them up for success and they’ll be likely to stick around for awhile!

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