e-Compliance Renewal FAQs

General Labor Law Posting

What is included in the $19.95 renewal rate?

The $19.95 renewal rate continues the monitoring of your account for labor law poster updates. Whenever a mandatory or non-mandatory update occurs, we automatically email you the revised notice in a PDF file to print and fit over the existing notice on your poster—compliance in seconds!

Do I receive a new poster?

New posters are not included in the renewal rate. If you would like to add a new poster to your order, please email ecompliance@laborlawcenter.com or call 888-745-9970. Posters are an additional $5.00 per plan and must be ordered within 90 days of your renewal date.

When do I receive an update?

A set schedule for labor law poster updates does not exist. Please check your inbox periodically for e-Alert updates from ecompliance@laborlawcenter.com. The subject line of these emails will read "e-Alert: Revised (State Name) Now Available".

Is my poster compliance guaranteed?

Yes, your compliance is guaranteed up to $25,000 under our Compliance Guarantee. If a location properly displays the latest poster update delivered from LaborLawCenter™ and receives a government citation for improper posting content, we will reimburse the paid government posting fines up to $25,000.

Multiple Locations One plan cannot cover multiple locations within a state. Each location must have their own plan in order to comply with licensing agreements and coverage under the compliance guarantee.

*You must submit a request for reimbursement and show documentation of the paid fine within 10 business days of paying the fine. Terms and Conditions apply.

How do I cancel this membership?

To cancel your e-Compliance™ membership and refund the charge, please email ecompliance@laborlawcenter.com within 90 days of renewal date. Full refunds will only be granted to email requests received within the 90 days.