New Mexico OSHA Pamphlet

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  • This 3 fold pamphlet is 3.6" x 8.5" 
  • One packet includes 25 pamphlets
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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration is the federal government agency that oversees workplace safety regulations and compliance across the country. The New Mexico Occupational Health & Safety Bureau (OSHB) is a state regulatory agency that is responsible for enforcing OSHA regulations within the state of New Mexico. OSHB is a division of the New Mexico Environmental Department.

Who is covered by OSHA

OSHA covers workers in private sectors as well as workers in public entities, including city, county, and state governments.

New Mexico OSHA Pamphlet

The New Mexico OSHA pamphlet provides employees with information about the OSHA requirements that apply to them. The pamphlet also includes information about how to report an OSHA violation or request and inspection.

Employees should also be aware of the Whistleblower Program, which protects employees from discrimination by the employer in the event that the employee reports an OSHA violation.

This New Mexico OSHA pamphlet package comes with 25 3-fold pamphlets that should be distributed to employees and made available for employees to review when requested.

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