Formula Retail Employee Rights Ordinances


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  • This poster is 8.5” x 14”
  • Front and back sides are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color
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Formula Retail Employee Rights Ordinances Poster

If your retail establishment is a formula retail establishment with at least 20 locations worldwide and 20 or more employees in San Francisco, California, you must comply with the Formula Retail Employee Rights Ordinances. By purchasing this poster you will also comply with the law that states that the Formula Retail Employees Rights Ordinances Poster be placed in a visible location for employees to see at the establishments that fall under these ordinances.

The Formula Retail Employee Rights Ordinances poster details the following:

  • How additional hours must be offered to current part-time employees before new employees are hired
  • How pay must be handled as far as schedule and predictability, 
  • Pay for on-call shifts
  • Equal treatment for part-time employees
  • Retention of employees when there is a change of ownership.

The poster also goes on to describe how this law pertains to janitorial and security contractors at these retail establishments as well, along with where individuals can turn for additional information on this law.

In addition, if you don’t already have your specific state labor law poster, please go to and pick your specific state. This poster covers state and federal laws in an all-in-one poster.