Texas Child Labor Poster Expands Qualifying Jobs

Texas businesses which employ minors will want to review the new additions to the state child labor law.  With summer at hand, children will be looking for summer jobs, but some opportunities may not be available to minors in an attempt to keep them safe from harmful and dangerous circumstances. The new Child Labor Law poster lists the following additional occupations that apply to 14 and 15 year old workers.  The following occupations (in addition to those previously listed) are considered hazardous or detrimental to the health of children under 16:

  • Work as a ride attendant or ride operator at an amusement park or dispatcher at top of elevated water slide.
  • Driving motor vehicles or helping another drive a motor vehicle.
  • Life guarding in a natural environment (such as a lake, reservoir, etc.)
  • Working on connection with maintenance or repair of machines, equipment, establishment.
  • Working in non-office/clerical jobs within a warehouse or storage facility.

There are also new limitations for child actors which are outlined in the poster.

Posting Requirement

All businesses within Texas who employ minors must display the new Child Labor notice.  This notice is part of the Texas state and federal All-in-One Poster and meets all state and federal posting requirements.

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