District of Columbia Announces Increased Minimum Wage Rates

State Update Overview

Date Updated July 2021
Labor Law Update The District of Columbia Minimum Wage
What Changed Increased minimum wage rates
Mandatory or Non-Mandatory Mandatory
Updated Poster District of Columbia Labor Law Poster

The District of Columbia Department of Employment Services announced increased minimum wage rates effective July 1, 2021.

District of Columbia Minimum Wage Law

  • Increased to $15.20 per hour for employees who don’t receive gratuities.
  • Increased to $5.05 per hour for employees who receive gratuities.

Wage and Hour Exemptions

Employees may be exempt from wage and hour laws based on criteria associated with their salary, actual duties, and skills. Exempt employees neither receive overtime pay nor qualify for minimum wage. Florida labor law defines these exemptions based on Executive, Administrative, or Professional status. Learn more here.

District of Columbia Labor Law Poster Update

All businesses within the District of Columbia must post information on Paid Family Leave along with other state-mandated posting requirements where it is sufficiently accessible and viewable to all employees. This change has been reflected in our District of Columbia & Federal Labor Law Poster and does require an immediate mandatory update. Failure to meet compliance requirements and display the updated poster could result in fines.

Order the District of Columbia Labor Law Poster to immediately include this required update.

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