South Carolina Labor Law Poster Updates

There’s been a few recent changes by the State of South Carolina in June and July of 2018 that affect labor law poster requirements for all businesses. These changes relate to the discrimination poster, the OSHA poster, and the labor law abstract. 

1. Discrimination poster

The completely redesigned poster includes new protected class. Pregnancy and childbirth are added to the list thanks to the recently passed Pregnancy Accommodations Act.

In addition, it states new ways to report discrimination (by phone, in person, and online) and additional EEOC requirements for housing and public accommodations. This is a mandatory change and all employers are required to post this new poster or they may be subject to fines.

Notice date: June 27, 2018

Suggested post date: ASAP


2. Occupational Safety and Health Protection (OSHA)

South Carolina has updated it’s OSHA poster and all business owners are required to post this new update. The contact information was revised to add a new phone number, e-mail address, and mailing addresses for employers. This update is mandatory and all businesses are required post this updated poster. 

Notice Date: July 6, 2018

Suggested Post Date: ASAP


3. Labor Law Abstract (Payment of Wages, Child Labor, Right to Work, & Immigrant Worker)

South Carolina has also updated its Labor Law Abstract with minor grammatical and clerical changes. This is also a mandatory change and all businesses are required to post this update or face fines.

Notice Date: July 6, 2018

Suggested Post Date: ASAP

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