Pennsylvania Labor Board

The Pennsylvania Labor Board is the entity that is responsible for every aspect of our working lives in regards to safety and wages. They oversee the workplace environment and are responsible for making sure that we are all paid accordingly for the work that we do. This is run by Stephen M. Schmerin who is the Labor Secretary for Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania we do everything we can to make our state great, which means taking care of the people who work here as well as doing other things around the state. With Pennsylvania Labor Board everything is covered especially in regards to workplace safety to help maintain and promote a good work environment.

In Pennsylvania our minimum wage is currently at the rate of $5.15 per hour which is the same as the minimum wage requirement of the federal government. The minimum wage for employees who are tipped in Pennsylvania stands at $2.83 currently. Our current unemployment rate stands at 4.7% which is just slightly below the national average of 4.8%. This shows how strides have been made to improve and s Currently in Pennsylvania things are being done to help battle some of our unemployment issues by doing such things as job retraining and offering unemployment compensation. These are just some of things that are being done to help get people back into the workforce and to allow them to carry on their normal lives.

When it comes to our workplace safety however we are proud of everything that we do to make it a better work environment for both you and your boss. We want you to want to come to work to feel safe there and that you can do your job no matter how rough, because you know you will be taken care of. Safety is our job in Pennsylvania not just another word.

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