Florida ( FL ) Wage and Hour Laws

The purpose of Florida (FL) wage and hour laws is to make sure that all workers and employers know their rights and responsibilities. These laws provide a guide for all Florida citizens and businesses.

Most people in Florida earn at least the minimum wage established by Florida (FL) wage and hour laws, which are updated periodically. Every January minimum wage in Florida is adjusted according to the rate of inflation. The current minimum wage for Florida workers is 6.40 per hour. Tipped employees currently receive $3.38 per hour plus tips.

Florida (FL) wage and hour laws require employers to notify workers every year of the changes in minimum wage. If an employer does not notify workers of changes in minimum wage they could owe employees back pay, and receive penalties. Employees will usually put up minimum wage posters every year to alleviate this problem.

According to Florida (FL) wage and hour laws 10 hours is a legal day for those who perform work by the day, week, or year. If a worker puts in more than 10 hours they must receive additional pay. The exception to this would be if an agreement was signed by that worker stating that more or less hours would count as a day of work.

For those that work jobs such as interstate commerce jobs that are paid hourly Florida (FL) wage and hour laws indicate that extra pay is due for hours worked over 40 per week. A regular work week for Florida employees is seven 24-hour days in a row as pointed out by Florida (FL) wage and hour laws. The overtime pay rate is one-half the regular rate of pay.

Florida (FL) wage and hour laws do not specifically state that employers are required to give lunch breaks to those over 18. Any breaks given that are 20 minutes or less must be paid breaks. Florida (FL) wage and hour laws, however, make a provision for minors. Those under 18 are required to receive a 30 minute meal break during which they are not required to work at all. This break should be given every four hours.

Both Florida businesses and workers are required to keep informed about current Florida (FL) wage and hour laws. These laws are usually posted somewhere in a visible place on the premises of the employer.

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