Texas Department of Labor

The Texas Department of Labor, also known as Texas Workforce Solutions offers several comprehensive programs that allows employers to hire just the right workers and helps workers located the right jobs. In addition, this department also offers job training, job locators and career centers and information about equal opportunity laws, unemployment, workplace health and safety and tax information.

Job training: This is one aspect of that the Texas Workforce offers that is widely used across this state. This information is available in both English and Spanish. In addition, those searching for a job can make sure of the many tools offered by this program. One can find help with writing their resume, searching for jobs within the State of Texas, locating jobs in other states and get information about job training opportunities. Employers can also use the information give by Texas Workforce to help them find quality employees, search posted resumes and even access recruitment tools.

Unemployment: This is a good resource to use if you are unemployed and need assistance. The Texas Department of Labor offers advice and help on where to turn to in order to get the unemployment benefits you need. You can also find information on how to get unemployment insurance through this department. This is a useful tool for many in Texas who are facing unemployment.

Another really great tool that I found is the “reality check” job search that college aged students and young adults can use. This can provide them with information about careers they are interested in and whether or not this is a feasible career. It allows students to enter the career they are interested in and deduct their monthly cost to see if they can make enough money to make ends meet.

The Texas Workforce Solution is a perfect tool for any person looking for employment information within the State of Texas. Employers can also receive great benefit from obtaining information from this department.

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