Mileage Reimbursement Regulatory Requirements for South Carolina (SC)

Most states have a specific mileage reimbursement law for employees that drive while on the clock. The amount of money that is reimbursed by the employer to the employee varies from state to state. After some research, I found that South Carolina does, in fact, have a law concerning the reimbursement for mileage. This is called the South Carolina Mileage Reimbursement Law.

In the State of South Carolina, employees that drive a vehicle while working are entitled to receive actual expenses of operation of a privately owned vehicle. In the year 2005, the rate of reimbursement in South Caroline was 40.5 cents per mile. Each employer will have specific rules for this type of reimbursement. It is good to keep in mind that if you drive for your work (such as using your own car for deliveries, running company errands, transporting clients or driving to other work sites), your employer should give you at least the state minimum.

During my research on this particular law, I found it interesting that in South Carolina, some businesses and companies had a more extensive policy on mileage reimbursement. For example, one company that I found reimburses its employees for not only mileage, but also actual expenses that incur while traveling, such as meals and any overnight lodging, as long as the amount does not exceed $25 per day. This is obviously a company that has employees traveling long distances for work. Not every company offers this type of benefit to workers; most will only offer the state minimum. There are always exceptions to the rules, but you should not expect to receive compensation for traveling to and from work or traveling to and from lunch breaks.

If you work in South Carolina and use your own personal car for work-related traveling and activities, you should speak to your employer about the South Carolina Reimbursement You’re Your employer should be knowledgeable about this law and should be willing to comply. Even if you use your car for small trips, gas is expensive and can really add up over time.

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