Pre-Order Your 2020 Labor Law Posters

Is it fall already? Soon the holiday season will be upon us, but before you get swept up in the festivities, you could claim an office win and get that poster compliance taken care of. So whenever you’re ready, we have your labor law poster compliance covered for 2020. Here’s how to get started on your pre-order.

Assure your 2020 poster update. Sign up for a pre-order alert.
Sign up to be emailed once your state poster is available for pre-order. Labor Law Posters will become available for purchase as the Department of Labor releases updates for each state. Most updates can be expected in late November to early December. However for some states, updates could happen in early January. 

Your Expected Poster Delivery
Once you’ve pre-ordered your poster, your shipment will be on its way when the Department of Labor releases your state update. Most deliveries can be expected by December 31, 2019. However, if a state update is later released in early January 2020, those posters will be shipped the first week of the month. But don’t worry; you’re not required to display your poster until the Department of Labor releases your state — and we’ll definitely keep you posted on its status.

Bonus! Automate all 2020 compliance updates.
Employment laws and required postings actually change throughout the entire year, which do put businesses at risk for noncompliance fines if not updated. When selecting your 2020 poster, also consider adding our popular Poster Replacement Service: For 12 months, all new national, state, and city updates will be covered and automatically shipped to you for posting. You won’t have to think of compliance for all of 2020. Learn more about it.

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